How do I earn points on FootballerLife?

Users can earn XP points to by completing challenges, posting content, and other activities on FootballerLife. In the near future those points will help with acquiring additional user levels and privileges and other benefits.

Does FootballerLife cost anything to join?

No. FootballerLife does not and will not cost the users to participate in our Community.

How do I complete a challenge on FootballerLife?

Users can submit entries to challenges or create challenges themselves. The creator of the challenge determines if the submissions are accepted. User earn XP for creating and accepted challenges.

Can I follow to my friends and teammates?

Yes, users can follow anyone that has a profile on FootballerLife, including friends, teammates, parents, grandparents, colleagues globally. In, addition direct messaging is coming soon so you can stay in contact with your network on FootballerLife.

What is the easiest way to create a video to be submitted?

Most users just create a video on their phone and use a video editor to trim the unwanted footage and complete any other editing desired. After the editing is done just save the video in the highest resolution possible keeping the size under 30(MB). For any Android users we really like the Free App Youcut.

Can I be featured on FootballerLife?

Yes, if you are interested in being in one of the example videos or want us to post a highlight just email us at info@footballerlife.com.

Can I keep my profile private?

Yes, you can have a public or private profile based on the settings you choose.

How do I get verified?

Verification is for professional footballers, brands and football clubs. There will be a few users that create a great following that will be verified as well as 10-20 users that will be verified based on their excellent profile and will also be featured on the home page. If you are interested in being considered email us at info@footballerlife.com.

How do I add a post to a specific category?

You can go to the category in the Discover page and post directly to the category you want. Soon you will be able to earn ability to select multiple categories that are relevant to your post.