About Footballerlife

FootballerLife is the only football-focused global online platform that is founded by professional football players and built for the football fanatic.

For players, teams, coaches, and supporters, looking to connect and engage with all things football.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the global football community through the love of all things football. ALWAYS FOOTBALLTM.

Our Values


Passion for football is all you need. Whether you are a player or a fan, there is a place for you.


See the best worldwide skills, highlights and news. Challenge yourself and your team to level up.


We deliver on our promise. ALWAYS FOOTBALLTM. By Footballers. For Footballers.

Our History

Passion is Football!

The year is 2010 and we are anxiously watching our 6-year-old boy playing in his first competitive match. Our camera is close by as he scores his first ever goal. In the pandemonium that ensued, the amazing moment was lost! We decided that the camera would be ready to go in the future to capture any celebration. The very next game another goal was scored and this image was captured. The joy just the same as the first.

FootballerLife was built to bring those passionate about the game together. Our brand conveys the love many feel for the beautiful game and this image is integral to that feeling and lives in our logo.

Please bring your passion for the game and special moments to our community.

David Clarke, Footballerlife Founder.

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